New Signing - Kyle Lafferty

PLAYER - Kyle Lafferty

FROM - Heart of Midlothian

FEE - Unknown



Well, we know what we are getting here with this guy. Just what Kyle Lafferty will show up remains to be seen.

Hopefully the one who hates and holds no fear against them, turns up.

I profess to not being completely sold on this deal, but if Stevie f***king G wants him, he gets my backing. I know one podder who will still be picking himself up off the floor.

Playing off the wide areas, or up front on his own as he displayed remarkably well on a number of occasions, most notably with his national side, the key will be his link up and hold up play. That has sometimes let him down.

Coming back to us as something of a journeyman player, with spells in Switzerland, England , Turkey and Italy along the way, before finding love and form again (& again) with Hearts.

The big thing will be for Lafferty to display a level of maturity he has so often lacked. Not many people often get a second chance at Ibrox after being so underwelealming, and frustrating the first time around. So grasp it. Don't let this one pass you bye.

His display against Celtic may have just added a few pounds to his transfer fee, however if he can keep up his highly impressive performances and scoring run against that lot, then he will be worth every penny.

I don't foresee any reason why the big man can't hit 15-20 goals for us this term, that would represent a fantastic return for a low outlay. Another positive is there will be no settling in period required, as Lafferty is familiar with the league, teammates, the club and the fans levels of expectations.

By all accounts he has been Hearts best player over the last season or so, key will be maintaining that form in the glaring spotlight, not something that is likely to phase the shy and quiet Northern Irishman.

This is a player full of confidence currently, so ready to go.

Lafferty will offer us a different type of player and options currently available, not just in the three goals at the end of season title party his arrival all but guarantees.

Roll on the last three games I say.

Cammy, might just have finished pissing on the ceiling by now. Maybe.



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