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The Overseas Bears Show has been on the Heart and Hand Patreon site sporadically since February 2018. Conceived by my co-host, Canadian Bear Nathan Cockran, the basic premise for the pod was to take an in-depth look into the exploits and careers of Rangers alumni from outside the UK and The Continent. As we are all aware, Rangers are a global institution, with a fanbase to match and many players, of varying skillsets, from all around the world have climbed the Marble Staircase and graced The Blue Sea of Ibrox.

In May we started an extension of the show, Bears Abroad, chatting informally to exiled Bluenoses about their experiences of being, you guessed it, a Bear Abroad.

Varying lifestyles, time zones, schedules, not to mention Scot Van Den Akker levels of tech abuse have thus far limited our output, but we’re getting back on track after a summer hiatus.

We have a number of players in mind to highlight moving forward. We are also actively seeking Ex-Pats from anywhere beyond Blighty’s shores to have a blether for Bears Abroad, members of RSC’s in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Down Under or if you’re just flying solo in the middle of nowhere, wherever you find yourself. Holler! as the rapper fellows say. 

I’m personally aiming to get more material out from the perspective of a Rangers fan based in the USA. Thoughts, observations, and of course reminiscence.

H&H has threatened other sports on us too, Dart and Hand anyone? Yes please! Wrestling too, Whatchoo gonna do Brother? So thinking we’ll touch on some other pastimes from North American culture. Baseball, Basketball, the shitshow that is the NFL and a wee bit of MLS. If you don’t care for those that’s fine. I’ve never been into mocking alternative sports or others preferences, different strokes and all that … Unless it’s Rugby of course, seriously, what the fuck’s all that about?

Nathan’s hoping to get an interview lined up with a foreign player at some point. Chris Bett and Overlord Edgar just cut our grass with Craig Moore but there’s plenty more fish in the sea, just get your tackle out, and see what bites.

But first we’re getting back to basics. Our next show will be a player profile taking a look at out first Argentinian, Big Gallus Gabriel Amato. Anticipate that one dropping soon.

We’re on our Way!

Ross Adair

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