Overseas Bears - Matchday Musings

Overseas Bear, Ross Adair (poetry!) returns with a slightly different take on today's disappointing 3-3 draw with Motherwell

Motherwell v Rangers

5:15am Kick off in the Mountain Time Zone of North America.

Alarm set for 5am, usual routine has me setting it for 7am and like many when the alarm goes off it’s the old snooze button a few times, when it starts beeping this morning instinct has me reach for the snooze, shut my eyes for a few seconds then think, It Game Day! Staged the coffee last night, so it’s a quick press of a button and log in to Rangers TV. 

Bit worried about getting the 3 points today.

Check Instagram for line up, McGregor, Tav, Goldson, Flanagan, Katic, Barisic, Halliday, Ejaria, Jack, Morelos, Lafferty. Not sure why but happy with that. Seems to make sense. Physical team. Keep Arfield for 2nd half if we’re in any danger. Confidence up. Battle Fever on.

Where’s Tom Miller? Tom’s much maligned but I have to admit, I like his patter, just working through the gears.

We’re off. Let’s Go!

This is some biblical rain. Goldson’s feet go from under him, one thing The Gaffer can’t get upset about from one of his players is an unfortunate slip. Hammer Throwers ahead. I thought we’d never go behind under Stevie G.

15th Minute. Tie it up thru Big Laff, ball comes in at an odd height. Some hit, uses great technique and gets a bit of luck with the deflection. OB Celebration - quick fist pump. Alright Gets let’s sort this out. Now been behind for 12 minutes this season.

Not sure about this 3-5-2.

Bears in good voice, what’s the new song to the tune of Don’t Take Me Home? Windass is away, what’s the new words?

Poor defending from us, runners not being tracked but superb delivery, Tav at fault. 2-1 Motherwell.

First check of Twitter see what’s been said. Oh No, Not John McCain!

What a ball in from Tav, and the Kyle makes his move. OB Celebration - slightly more pronounced fist pump, Alright Gers, let’s really sort this out now. Time playing from behind this season, 32 minutes.

Kyle Lafferty, Kyle Laaaafffferrrrttttyyyy …

2 minutes before the half, corner to them. WHAT A counter attack, Alfie does brilliantly, to Jack, to Barisic, Ejaria!! Yes!! The staunchly named Trevor Carson, has a bit of bad luck and it trundles into the net. OB Celebration - Bounce off the couch, dancing about the living room. It’s 6am.

Craig Thompson is handling this pretty well, in the teeming rain. Some Match.

2nd Half

Can’t lose a 3rd goal can we?

Mystery solved, Tom Miller is in India. Will be back next week.

Early scare, palpitations, is it the coffee or the threat from Motherwell.

Off the couch, wandering around, holding the iPad, can’t sit down.

Motherwell at it again, get it together Rangers, we need to get a foothold on this.

52 minutes Craig Thompson reverting to type and being a prick, Never a foul from Alfie.

No argument, Borna Bear in the book.

55 mins, you’re out you league Johnson. Shagger will have you ya ugly bastard.

There's Neil McCann in the stand, loved the wee man. Oh there’s Jimmy Nic too, Watching the Ulster Gazelle no doubt, and maybe wondering if Alfie has a Northern Irish granny.

Thinking let’s get Arfield on, Halliday gets booked, Stevie G reads my mind, sure enough, Scott Arfield.

Motherwell still pressing, sharper than us. Need to see this out Gers. DIG DEEP!

Tired legs, couple more subs please Stevie.

Connor Sammon comes on, something fishy about that cunt.

Wee Middleton on for Borna, he’s on that booking mind, switch to back 4 maybe. I like Middleton.

79 minutes, 6:53am one of my daughter’s is up, wanders in an asks for some Orange Juice, Staunch she is.

84 minutes Sammon leaps, heart attack. Can we hold out?

Get it to fuck Rangers! This isn’t good for your health.

That’s it hold up the game ya wank. That Danny Johnson again, I’m really starting to dislike that guy.

Last minute. I love you Ejaria. MOTM for this Bear.

3 mins additional time. Cmon Gers, hang in there!

If Wallace is coming on should’ve got him on at that shy.

You just fucking knew it didn’t ye. Aaaargh! Peter Hartley, you colossal … AAAARRRGHH! There’s nae justice. Boot in the baws.

There goes my nice relaxing Sunday, Tav lost his man again. Shagger maybe should’ve came. He usually does.

Hate to say it but all these games seem to be catching up with us at the moment. Rest up. Not a fan of this phrase, but we got to go again Thursday. Learn and move on.

I’m a wreck, going to be mulling over this one all day. Gutted! Fair play to Motherwell … The Bastards!

It’s 7am. Think I’ll be getting on it early today.

Ross Adair

Overseas Bear

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