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So what’s the deal here? As we continue to make the mainstream media redundant here at Heart and Hand, I am going to give my own take on a tabloid classic: the Sunday column. Regular readers of the World Cup Diary will be familiar with my style of writing and I hope you will enjoy my musings and observations. Without further delay…

Coincidentally, I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos about EuroDisney this week. I’m not really sure why but a big expensive flop that was supposed to light up Europe seems to be resonating with me this week.

European Exploits

It was left to Rangers to fly Scotland’s flag in Europe this week and make sure that the all important coefficient didn’t drop through the floor. What a night in Maribor for the traveling bears who were once again superb and going to extreme measures to follow their team.

Rangers Maribor Fans Heart and Hand

Anyone who listened to the post match pod with myself, David and Adam will know how buzzing we all were when the full time whistle went. Quite right too! We have endured so much shite over the last six years that we deserve nights like this and we deserve to celebrate them as much as we want. After all we’ve been through, I will never take for granted any win or achievement again.

As for our manager, the “quietly terrified” Steven Gerrard, what a man. I’ve had to listen to it since this European campaign began, “You’ll never get past this round...aye but you won’t make the play chance you will make the group stages”. I’ll be honest, I never really thought we would make the groups either, I just thought it would be a step too far for us. Not only are we now in touching distance of them, but I would be disappointed if we didn’t reach them. What a turn around.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, going to Russia and deepest darkest Russia at that will be difficult. However, I have little worry about the tie as I know Gerrard will make sure the team is professional to get the job done and will not let any hint of complacency slip into the squad.

You can’t talk about Thursday night without talking about Allan McGregor, our very own Shagger. If you ever had any doubts about his return then surely that has been swept away now. He was incredible. Not only did he pull of fantastic saves, but he pulled off the type of saves that only he would be capable of pulling off. I know I’m not the only one when he made that massive save from Tavares that had the word “Bremen” was going through my head. As for the penalty, of course he was saving it, Allan McGregor had decided that he was not to be beaten that night.

Quick word for Maribor and Slovenia, not wanting to start an international incident here but...screw your thug police, screw your scummy fans, screw your diddy team and away back to being a footnote on nothing.

My most heartfelt and sincere condolences to Celtic and “brave” Hibs who just couldn’t make the mark and let the country down during the week. Hard lines lads, better luck next time.

Kilmarnock vs Rangers

Rangers Kilmarnock Heart and Hand

To today then and it’s back to domestic action. Rangers travel to Rugby Park to take on Kilmarnock in the League Cup. I know it’s easy to look at this tournament as a nuisance when we’ve got European ambitions fresh in our mind. However, this is a tournament that has been good to Rangers before and been used as a building block on the road to something great. I believe this could be that building block again and, let’s be honest, we really need to win something.

Let’s look at it another way, the final is on December 2nd so we could be just three and a half months away from Gerrard lifting his first trophy for us. If that doesn’t get you excited for today I don’t know what will.

Enjoy the game.

David Marshall (@marshalldave38)

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Gordon Price

Totally agree with regards to making the mainstream media redundant, I don’t read any of them now and haven’t for a while now. Get all my Rangers news from the pods, Rangers twitter and follow follow. Keep the articles coming, the content keeps getting better and better.

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