The Alternative with David Marshall 25.11.18

Lies, Hypocrisy, Rangers and Ignoring the Elephant in the Room: It’s the Celtic AGM!

The shareholders of the second biggest football team in Scotland met this week to talk about the biggest team in the country. Yes, it was the Celtic AGM this week and, as always, Rangers enjoyed top billing on the agenda.

Rangers’ decision to cut the Celtic allocation has really hurt a lot of our friends in the east end of the city. It is an act much like that of a bunny boiling ex-girlfriend, or boyfriend, who simply can’t get over the fact that their old partner has moved on.
The Celtic supporting sympathisers and cheerleaders have been quick to label Rangers petty over this decision. This week, you had Chris Sutton saying he hopes Celtic “pump” Rangers in the next game because of the ticket argument. Yes Chris, that’s why you want Celtic to win. Another gem from a man who once told us that he wasn’t biased because he criticised Ronny Deila, because no Celtic fans ever did that! 

The simple fact of the matter is the decision was made because we don’t need Celtic to sell out our ground. A lot of Bears will benefit from this decision, especially young season ticket holders in the Broomloan who might now get a chance to see one of these games in person for the first time.

It was a decision made with Rangers fans in mind and made in our best interest.
Now of course, Celtic retaliated in turn and made the same decision...fair enough. I can understand it would be frustrating for the Bears out there who go everywhere that they might miss out on a ticket for Parkhead. But, from what I’ve saw, many agree, even reluctantly, that it is a sacrifice worth making.

That should really be the end of the matter but Peter Lawwell decided to bring it up again and say that Celtic might not bring any fans to Ibrox over fears of their safety. Okay...good! If you don’t bring any fans we’ll sell those tickets too, not a big deal.
The fear over safety line is bollocks, they know it as well as we do. It is however pretty galling when at the last Old Firm game Celtic supporters were crushed at their own ground because Celtic hadn’t properly organised or thought through how they would handle an increased home support at these games.

We all know why this was brought up again and why any mention of us was brought up at the Celtic AGM; deflection. It’s going to be a difficult time for Celtic in the coming months as they need to answer questions on how they behaved for decades in covering up the sexual abuse of children.

To their credit, I have seen a number of Celtic supporters online angry about how their club acted and want to know why someone like Jim Torbett was allowed to carry out these crimes and how he was allowed back into the club. There are Celtic fans out there who want these serious questions answered, it’s just a shame that none of them appear to be shareholders.

David Marshall

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