The SFA and Paul Gascoigne

Don't normally write on the site as you know but I am so utterly, so completely disgusted with the SFA I had to get it out.

What they have done in revoking his nomination is an unnecessary and cruel public humiliation of a man with both mental and addiction problems. While laughably claiming to support #MentalHealthWeek they have gone out of their way to butcher someone who is absolutely not in a strong enough place to deal with it.

This shameful act has been done purely because Paul Gascoigne is English and played for Rangers. Nothing else. And the bigotry of those behind this campaign to rescind the nomination should have been called out for what it was. Instead it was indulged by weak, hypocritical and craven individuals who could not be any lower if they were underground.

They have disgraced their office, not that they will care. Their actions lack not so much class as basic human decency. They should be ashamed and castigated as the malevolent, evil bastards they are.


David (@ibroxrocks)


Tommy Clark

Can you begin to imagine the damage these cunts have inflicted upon the already fragile psyche of that poor man.

SFA – suck my fat one – you corrupt bigoted thunderc*nts

David Mackenzie

They have no idea as to the effect something like this could have on someone who has got demons fighting him at every step. Addiction is an illness and the actions that he has carried out, which nobody condones, can be laid at the door of the insecurity within a person with a fragile state of mind.
The ‘holier than thou’ attitude of those that have rescinded the decision is sickening. I haven’t a clue who the others in the list are however I am pretty certain that the skeletons of some are not in any cupboard.

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