Welcome to Heart & Hand - The Website!

Welcome to Heart and Hand, The Rangers Podcast.

That's how I've introduced each show we've done for the past 8 years. And it'll do for this blog too, because we tend to use the same stuff repeatedly. If you're a fan of the pod, you'll know that already. But who likes change? They're still Opal Fruits to me dammit, and don't even get me started on the whole Snickers shitstorm.

No, Heart and Hand is a place where you can relax and enjoy being a Rangers fan. On the site, you'll get blogs from all the podders - the ones who can write, anyway - and access to our latest free shows. You'll also see some great images and receive many exhortations to sign up for our Patreon site. We're not doing this for the good of our health, you know. So thank you for checking us out. 

If you're a previous listener, well, you know what you're letting yourself in for. If you're new, SUBSCRIBE OR BUY SOMETHING FFS.

And never, ever forget...We Are The People!

David (@ibroxrocks)


Stevie Clifford

Just another branch of the H&H empire, well done David and all the podders involved, well done also to Adam who assures me this is all his work

Cheers guys 👍

David Macintosh

Great news. The web is polluted with Rangers sites that have so many idiots. I have confidence this like the Patreon site has a better class of idiot 😋 Seriously have been a member of Patreon from the start and it genuinely feels like a great community, marshalled by the wisdom of David to keep the standards high. Great bunch of guys are the podders and Rangers fans we should be proud to be associated with. I am sure this site is going to be a major success just like H&H. Good luck.

Neil Buchanan

We need faded pictures of dogs in Rangers scarfs or it’s not a proper Rangers site.

Graham McGinlay

Turn off the mainstream agenda driven shite, listen to bears talk about Rangers. I mean, why wouldn’t you??


Just come to have a look after hearing the post match pod.looks great.

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